Voice/Data, Surveillance and Security
NetCom, Inc., believes that competency is based on three fundamental qualities; Knowledge, Expertise, Capability. In order to provide the best possible service, Netcom, Inc. has partnered with renowned security company—Huntleigh USA. Together we can provide integrated voice, data, high-tech surveillance and ground security services.

Our commitment to you begins with an initial evaluation and written recommendations to ensure that expectations are met, defined, and addressed. In addition to ongoing customer support, we perform a FREE ANNUAL EVALUATION for the term of our agreement.

Netcom, Inc. offers:
• Web Hosting
• Installation and Maintenance
of Digital Key Systems
• Data Architecture
• Consulting and Engineering
• Voice and Data Hardware
• IP and VOIP Solutions
• Remote Workforce
• Higher Productivity
• Call Recording
• Management Call Supervision Tools
• Internet Access
• The Messenger™
• Security, Personnel and Hardware.

End the Confusion
NetCom, Inc. makes the technology fit your needs—
not the other way around. There is an endless array of
communication and security options available today and finding out “what works” can get pretty complicated. In contrast, our experienced team members design tailor-made, integrated communication systems that are only as basic or complicated as necessary.

NetCom, Inc. Brings It All Together
At NetCom, Inc., our mission is to provide custom-designed
technology solutions to clients who want to enhance their
productivity, communication and security. We offer IP and
VOIP solutions, local and long distance, telephone
hardware, data architecture (networking), security and
consulting. In many cases, by leveraging our partnerships with

companies like AT&T, Windstream, and Mitel, we are able to bring

our valuable consulting services to your company at NO COST. Utilizing

cutting edge communication tools like The Messenger ™, NetCom, Inc.

really can “bring it all together” for any organization of any size.

Our Services

NetCom, Inc. has a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the unique operational/service requirements and security risks businesses face. With a background in security, we have solid experience developing and implementing cohesive, real world security programs for complex general access environments and public service organizations. NetCom, Inc. stays on the forefront of technology, through our ongoing partnerships.